Cyprus is overrun with unwanted and stray dogs (an alarming 200,000 are estimated to be abandoned every year)… and approximately, 25,000 of these (most of them, healthy) will be destroyed every single year by the veterinary services. Why? Because, the shelters and pounds are full to bursting, and the island has neither the sufficient resources, nor the capacity to keep them.

To be blunt, animal welfare organisations are basically doing the governments job for them, but how can genuine animal lovers just turn a blind eye to the problem and allow these innocent animals to be sentenced to death without even trying to help? The answer is quite simply, that they can’t…

For those of you who aren’t already aware, myself (Lucy Willetts), Sue Hall and Lena Ashton will soon travel to Cyprus on behalf of ‘Please Help Apollo/Rehoming Cyprus Pointers’ to visit, help out, and distribute medical supplies throughout the island. During our trip, ‘Team Apollo’ will visit numerous pounds and municipality shelters to include “DALI”; “PARALIMNI” AND “2nd CHANCE DOGS”… all of whom are non-profit companies that receive zero help from the local government. They do however, all provide a safe haven, shelter, necessary medical care, food, socialisation, rehabilitation, and new forever homes for all the dogs within their care – none of which would be possible without the support of people like you.

Sadly, they all have more than that in common. They have also all rescued dogs who have been tied to trees and abandoned; dogs who have been dumped in bins in plastic bags; dogs who have been thrown down wells and from cars on the motorway; and dogs who have been deliberately bred to hunt, only to then be deemed ‘useless’, and so dumped in a pathetic attempt to get rid of the ‘problem. The list is frankly endless and yet, the dogs still just keep on coming.


Apollo was of course one such dog who was so diabolically treated… blinded in both eyes and chained to a tree without food or water, thanks to the generous support of people like yourself, he now enjoys a normal, healthy and loving environment in his new home in the UK.

Please help us to help others like Apollo… donations (however large or small) will be most gratefully received via Paypal at: (using the friends and family option and adding Pounds 4 Pounds to the message box). Alternatively, please visit our website at and click the donation button.

Thank you so much in advance to all of our supporters for everything that you do to help these dogs who so desperately need our assistance! xx