Well, that was stressful (‘please put your laptops, phones, coats, belts, jewellery, shoes, [and internal organs] in the tray before joining the queue to pass through security’)… but we’re finally here (the bar at Birmingham Airport, as opposed to Cyprus itself).

All medical supplies have now arrived and are awaiting our attention (thank you to each and every one of you who donated and helped us to raise funds towards them). On arrival at our Villa, we will now need to sort them into individual packages, ready to deliver them to the different pounds over the forthcoming week. (For those of you who are wondering, our own medical supplies are also now in good order, courtesy of a brief detour via the airport Duty-Free shop).

All being well, we will land at Larnaca Airport at 16:45pm (14:45pm UK time), where we will travel to our accommodation and freshen up before meeting up with Donna Kyriacou of Dancy Dog Hotel. Donna and her family take care of all of our ‘angels’ – nursing them back to good health, assessing and training them, and preparing them for their journey to their forever homes in the UK. Not only will we see first hand, the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, but we will also meet for the first time, many of our new arrivals to include Jazz and her new litter of pups.

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