On Saturday, April 14, myself (Lucy Willetts), Sue Hall and Lena Ashton will travel to Cyprus to visit, help out, and distribute medical supplies to the various dog shelters and pounds throughout the island.

Think ‘Thelma and Louise’… well sort of, except that there will be three of us, not two (and we probably, might, perhaps, not [always] look quite as glamorous as Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon on our trip, but hopefully you’ll forgive and bear with us 🤪)…

We currently have 31 dogs under our care for rehoming and will be visiting the following areas: Larnaca, Ayia Napa, Nicosia, Limassol, and Paphos (we will detail more about each pound in due course). Here, we will meet and greet all the dogs being cared for (or more to the point, they will meet and greet us ❤️😍❤️), and will help out as required… We will of course, also meet ‘Mummy Jazz’ and her nine beautiful baby pups.

Fundraising efforts are now well underway and all money raised will help provide funds towards spaying/neutering, wormer, flea and tick treatments, ear cleaner and eye drops, antibiotics, medicated shampoo and vaccines.

If you would like to be involved, donations can be made via paypal to: pleasehelpapollo@gmail.com (using the friends and family option and adding Pounds 4 Pounds to the message box). Alternatively, please visit our website at www.rehomingcypruspointers.co.uk and click the donation button.

To quote Tesco… ‘Every little helps.’ No donation will be considered too big or small in our mind (we will just be extremely glad of the gesture, and any amount that people think that they can donate to help).

In the interests of transparency, and for anyone who might be wondering, please be assured that this trip has been completely self-funded by Lena, Sue and myself. Rehoming Cyprus Pointers/Please Help Apollo is (and always will be) a non-profit organisation and every penny kindly donated by yourselves, goes directly towards transforming the lives of these beautiful dogs who so desperately need your help.

Lastly, please do feel free to share this blog ‘far and wide’. We would really like to reach a greater audience (not that there’s anything wrong with our current audience, you understand)… but the more people we can reach, the more dogs we can ultimately help! (You can also subscribe directly to this blog via email if you would like to make sure that you don’t miss any updates.)

Very many thanks to you all – your support is, as always, greatly appreciated! (Also, a huge thank you to Nicola Spink, who so kindly designed the above drawing [at a moment’s notice, I hasten to add] to accompany our blog. Such a talented lady – if you like the style of her art, please do visit her page on Facebook @lottielonglegscards).