This is the summary of what our groups have been involved with during December 2021.

We currently have 25 dogs in our care, of whom 10 are reserved.
We had one flight 5 December for 10 dogs 8 of whom had forever homes in place, and two went into UK foster. We currently have 4 dogs in UK foster, 3 of which are reserved. Our next flight will be 16 January 2022 for 5 dogs.

We donated 4500 euros which was shared amongst 8 small Cyprus rescue organisations in December.
We donated £250 to help two pointers in the care of other Cyprus based rescue groups. We paid our outstanding Cyprus vet and kennel bills at a total cost of 7059 Euros. We also spent £200 on travel crate returns.
We received £117 from Nina’s bonus ball fundraisers, £106.50 from Nina’s Reschews sales, £26 from Lisa Cook’s pocket pouch sales, and £852 in general donations.

The Apollo Christmas raffle ended in December and the total amount raised was an amazing £4800. We would like to thank everyone who donated prizes and bought raffle tickets, and thanks to Tracy for doing a fabulous job organising it all.

We raised a total of £6030 from the sale of the Christmas cards and 2022 calendar and would like to thank everyone involved in producing the calendar and cards and also to everyone who purchased them. Special thanks to Sue Hall from Resource Print who donated all the printing costs again this year.

The December winner of the monthly draw who wins a Christine Cummings ceramic sculpture in our Pay It Forward fundraising event is Dawn Dunn.

We would like to remind everyone that all the prices for our Apollo dog foods are increasing with effect from 1st February.

Across our three facebook groups (Rehoming Cyprus Pointers, Apollo’s Angels and Apollo’s Angels Events) there were a total of 41,170 posts, comments and reactions during December.

During 2021 we rehomed a total of 116 dogs and also donated £3300 to help 31 pointers in the care of other Cyprus rescue groups. In addition to that we donated 4500 euros which was shared amongst 8 small Cyprus rescue organisations.

The total number of dogs rehomed since our groups were formed in 2013 is 887.

We would like to thank everyone for their support during 2021 and give our best wishes for 2022.

The next summary will be posted 1st February.