This is the summary of what our groups have been involved with during February 2022.
We currently have 24 dogs in our care, of whom 6 are reserved.
We had one flight 20 February for 6 dogs 4 of whom had forever homes in place. Two dogs went into UK foster and one of those has now been adopted by his foster family. We currently have 2 dogs in UK foster. Two dogs in UK foster moved to their new homes in February. Our next flight will be 20 March and we are currently arranging which dogs will be travelling on that date.
We donated £250 to help two pointers in the care of other Cyprus based rescue groups. We paid our outstanding Cyprus vet and kennel bills at a total cost of 4047 Euros. We also spent £160 on travel crate returns, and £550 on UK courier costs.
We received a total of £2677 from the Apollo unwanted goods auction, thank you to Tracy for organising the event and also thank you to everyone who donated goods and bid on the items available, £150 from Julie Matthewman from a collection made at the funeral of her Dad Brian Fearn, £645 from Sue Stacey’s charity run and £52 from Richard Hayes craft sales.
We received £403 from Jan’s bonus ball fundraisers, £16 from Lisa Cook’s pocket pouch sales, £45 from Ashcroft Animal Accessories, £200 from Nicola’s Sonny scratch card fundraiser and £55 in general donations.
The total amount received for Dandy and Calvin vet bills fundraisers was £7195.34. Huge thank you to Tracy, Nicola and Nina for organising the events and for everyone who donated and bought tickets.
The February winner of the monthly draw who wins a Christine Cummings ceramic sculpture in our Pay It Forward fundraising event is Karen Deverill.
Across our three facebook groups (Rehoming Cyprus Pointers, Apollo’s Angels and Apollo’s Angels Events) 508 new members joined and there were a total of 42,040 posts, comments and reactions during February.
The next summary will be posted 1st April.