This is the summary of what our groups have been involved with during October 2022.

We currently have 21 dogs in our care, of whom 2 are reserved.

We had one direct flight in October for 4 dogs, 2 of whom had forever homes in place and two dogs went into UK foster, one of which has now been adopted by her foster mum. We currently have 4 dogs in UK foster, one of which is reserved subject to home check.

Our next flight is on 15 November for 4 dogs.

We paid our Cyprus vet and kennel bill the total of which was 5431 euros.

We received £482 from Jan’s bonus ball fundraisers, £40 from Ashcroft Animal Accessories, £185 from Lottie Long Legs, £5.50 from Lisa’s pocket pouches, £200 from a supporter who wished to remain anonymous in memory of Jackson, £230 from Nicola’s card sales, £3830 from the raffle for Moose, and £105 in general donations.

We are in the process of buying 20 large plastic igloo dog kennels which we are going to donate to a few of the small pounds and shelters across Cyprus, 11 of the kennels have been paid for by sponsorship from group members.

The Apollo Christmas Auction will begin shortly and if anyone has any items they wish to donate can they please contact Tracy Payne.
Our 2023 calendars and Christmas cards are now available and can be purchased from our online shop

The October winner of the monthly draw who wins a Christine Cummings ceramic sculpture in our Pay It Forward fundraising event will be announced shortly.

Across our three Facebook groups (Rehoming Cyprus Pointers, Apollo’s Angels and Apollo’s Angels Events) 372 new members joined and there were a total of 32,154 posts, comments and reactions during October.

The next summary will be posted 1st December.