This is the summary of what our groups have been involved with during March 2024.

We currently have 24 dogs in our care, 3 of whom are reserved at the present time.
We had one flight on 3 March for 6 dogs four of which had homes in place. Two went into UK foster and they have both now been adopted by their foster families.. We currently have 4 dogs in UK foster at the moment and they are all still looking for forever homes. One other dog in UK foster went to his new home in March.

Our next flight is on 7 April for 2 dogs both of whom have forever homes in place.

We donated £350 to help 3 pointers in the care of other Cyprus based rescue organisation, and £200 to the street dog/cat neuter and release community North Cyprus which paid for 4 stray dogs to be neutered. We paid our outstanding Cyprus vet and kennel fees the total amount of which was 4132 euros.

We received £3012 from Tracy’s Apollo Easter raffle, £650 from Nicola’s mothers day raffle, £476 from Jan’s Bonus Ball fundraisers, £100 from Ecclesiastical Insurance staff, £15 from Karan Phelps Snugglesack sales, £150 from Camille de Kok and Colette in memory of Colette’s dog Pippen who sadly recently passed away, £4.73 from PayPal giving fund and £35 in general donations.

The monthly winner of our Pay it forward event who wins a pet portrait commission will be announced shortly.

Across our three Facebook groups (Rehoming Cyprus Pointers, Apollo’s Angels and Apollo’s Angels Events) 213 new members joined and there were a total of 25,692 posts, comments and reactions during March.

The next summary will be posted 1st May.