We currently have 14 dogs in our care, 2 of whom are reserved. We have one dog who we originally rehomed in 2019 who became  available again and he is currently in a foster home in Lincolnshire. One dog who was in UK foster was found a new home in October.

We had 4 flights during October for a total of 14 dogs, 12 of whom had forever homes waiting for them. The two remaining dogs went into UK foster and both of them have now found new homes.

We have one flight booked mid November for four dogs.

We paid our outstanding Cyprus kennel and vet bills at a total cost of 3716 euros.

We donated £400 to help three pointers in the care of other Cyprus based rescue organisations.

We received £4,180 from the Apollo raffle and would like to thank everyone who donated prizes and bought tickets. We also received £147 from Karen Greenhaff for the purple poppy sales.

The Apollo 2021 calendar and Christmas cards went on sale and we also began the Apollo Christmas auction.

We welcomed 398 new members to our three groups (Rehoming Cyprus Pointers, Apollo’s Angels and Apollo’s Angels Events), and had a total of 42,400 posts, comments and reactions during October.

The next summary for November will be posted on 1st December.