Our annual calendar competition is now underway! Our winner gets a full page in the calendar and… the winner of the Apollo’s Angels category, becomes our website banner image for a whole year! We know that Christmas might seem like a long way off, but these things take months to plan (and time does have a nasty habit of passing us by!) The calendar does (incidentally) also make a fantastic (not to mention, sensibly priced) gift for many!

This years categories are as follows:-

Apollo’s Angels

German Engineering (Open to GWP and GSP)

Quintessentially English (English Pointers)

Four legged friend (open to all dogs /breeds inc mixed breeds )

Dirty dog

Beautiful bitches

Magnificent males

Rainbow bridge

No concept of personal space

Humorous hounds (any dog doing what they do best making us smile)

Strike a Pose , any pose

Feeling Festive

There will be 52 images in the final calendar, and the winner of each category will go into “best in show”. The winner of this, gets a full feature page in the calendar and also a free copy of the calendar. The winning entries will also feature on our website.

The cost is just £5 per single photo entry, and all entries must be in by the 1st of September, 2019.

All dog breeds are welcome – this is not just about Pointers (and thus, the competition is open to everyone – not just people who have adopted dogs from us.)

Please email entries to [email protected]. We do ask that you don’t use compressed images from e.g. Facebook (as these affect the print quality). Please send from an original source (e.g. phone or laptop). Images need to be 1MB or over (you can right click an image to check properties of the image, but if you get stuck, please just ask). Also, please state on your entry which category the photo is for.

Payment is to PayPal at: [email protected] (using the friends and family option and adding “photo comp” to the message box.)
All photos will be uploaded into a folder on the events page so that you can check out the competition 🤪

We would like to thank everyone in advance who takes part and helps us raise funds for the future ‘Angels’. It is so important to us that we continue our quest to help as many dogs as we can… and so please… as you sit and cuddle your own Apollo’s Angel on the sofa and read this post, please never forget that things could have been very different if it wasn’t for the previous support given to events such as this! ❤️❤️… Thank you!