Some of you may remember, that last year, Lena Ashton, Sue Hall and myself (Lucy Willetts) travelled to Cyprus to distribute medical supplies to as many shelters and pounds across the island as we could.

During our trip, we visited 2ndChance Dogs – a state-of-the-art, independently financed shelter (that I think, off memory, I described at the time, as a ‘luxury boarding home for dogs’).  Nothing has changed – despite relying on the generosity of people like you to survive, they run an immaculately clean and safe sanctuary for the dogs within their care, and I would happily bed down myself for the night in any one of their kennels.

2nd Chance have recently come across an extremely upsetting and challenging situation (but very typically of them, they have embraced the problem with open arms, and will do everything within their power to help the poor dog concerned)…


Tommy was taken away from his Mom when he was just a pup (the man who owned his Mom, didn’t want the puppies)… and so he dumped them. Luckily for Tommy, he was rescued by 2nd Chance, who took him in and gave him everything he needed until a forever home could be found for him.

At just seven months of age, Tommy went to live with his new family. Life was good – better than good – until, on CHRISTMAS DAY, 2018, when his life would change forever.

Tommy’s family left the front door open, and being curious, Tommy decided to venture out into the outside world. He didn’t get far. As he walked into the street, a car came out of nowhere and hit him.

Paralysed for life, Tommy’s family contacted 2ndChance. Despite his injuries being a direct result of their own carelessness, they no longer wanted the responsibility of him.

2nd Chance of course, welcomed him back with open arms. Doris, Mario and their team would NEVER give up on any dog, but they really do need your help. Pennies make pounds as they say, and any donation (however small) towards his future care, will be very, gratefully received.

The plan is to get Tommy mobile, so that they can offer him the best quality of life (both physically, and mentally). As such, they are currently raising funds for:

  1. A fully adjustable dog wheelchair;
  2. Drag bags (to protect the disabled rear limbs and the chest from scraping against the floor when he is not in his wheelchair);
  3. A raised ‘SleePee’ bed which will help him get a good night’s sleep and protect his skin from urine burns;
  4. Walkin’ Boots and Stirrup Kit (the boots protect paws and legs if he uses them out of the wheelchair and the stirrups will keep his legs off the ground).

Donations can be made, either by visiting their website: (Please put ‘Tommy’ in the comments so that they know you are contributing towards his care)… or you can visit their fundraiser directly at:


2nd Chance are the only family that this poor boy has now, so please do help them to help him if you can. Thank you xx