This is the summary of what our groups have been involved with during June 2024.

We currently have 35 dogs in our care, 2 of whom are reserved at the present time.

We had one flight on 30 June for 6 dogs 5 of which had homes in place and 1 went into foster. We currently have 4 dogs in UK foster and they are all still looking for forever homes. Four other dogs in UK foster went to their new homes in June.

We also helped with a blind GSP in mainland Greece, fully funded his travel costs to the UK and one of our previous adopters Caroline Gordon has offered him a home. He will be travelling over early July.

Our next flight is on 4 Aug and we are currently arranging which dogs will be travelling on it.

We donated £100 to help 1 pointer in the care of another Cyprus based rescue organisation, and £200 to the street dog/cat neuter and release community North Cyprus which paid for 4 stray dogs to be neutered.

We received £120 from Nicola’s fundraising event, £297 from Jan’s Bonus Ball fundraisers, £20 from Jill Larcombe pub quiz, £40 from Geoff Diver, £15 from Ashcroft Animal Accessories, £1645 from the photo competition entry fees, £200 from the naming of Mia’s pups sponsors, £800 from Caron Bunclark and Sovereign Estates marketing event, and £30 in general donations.

The monthly winner of our Pay it forward event who wins a pet portrait commission is Rachel Risely.

The Apollo summer auction has begun and will end on 14 July.

We received 329 entries in our photo competition and all the winning entries will be announced later this month. All the winners will feature in our 2025 calendar which will go on sale in October.

Across our three Facebook groups (Rehoming Cyprus Pointers, Apollo’s Angels and Apollo’s Angels Events) 89 new members joined and there were a total of 21,717 posts, comments and reactions during June.

The next summary will be posted 1st August.