Firstly, apologies for the delay updating you… after what can only be described as an emotionally exhausting trip, the temptation to then bury our heads in our own dogs fur upon our return as we cuddled and loved them, and thanked our lucky stars that they (and we) were so fortunate, seemingly proved too great!

Beyond all the heartbreak that we witnessed during our visit, there were also some truly humbling moments. Remember the pound that we visited early into our trip who, despite doing their best with the limited resources available to them, were overwhelmed with the sheer volume of dogs in their care and the lack of food and medical supplies at their disposal?

Well, that very evening, we met for dinner with some wonderful people – a group of dedicated volunteers who deal with the tragedies that we had only been subjected to for a couple of days, day in, day out, with no reprieve…

Around the table that night, ten women including ourselves (no sarcastic comments about the “lesser gender”, please 😜), worked together to find the best possible solutions for as many dogs as we could. We discussed who was in a position to help, the space any particular shelters might have available, the funds required, specific breed rescue requirements, and so much more.

As a direct result of that meeting, in excess of twenty dogs so far (we’re still counting), have – or will – be moved to shelters that can give these dogs not only the proper care that they need, but also the input to help find them their forever homes.

Over the course of the week, we distributed £4,500 worth of medical supplies to numerous pounds and shelters. (£1,000 worth alone, was left with the pound mentioned above who clearly needed a little help to get them back on track). We also delivered boxes of collars, leads and treats, and cash donations of £2,750 (with yet more sponsorship for certain dogs pledged).

We also agreed to take thirteen dogs into our care…

“Strider” – a young English Male Pointer:

“Earl” – a pure English Male Setter:

“Sarge” – a Male, Lemon Pointer Cross:

“Khloe” – a Four Month Old, Female Pointer Cross:

“Hetty” – a Female Bleu de Gascogne Hound:

“Forest” – a Male Liver GSP:

“Giles” – an English Pointer (older gent):

“Lula” – a Pure, Liver and White Female GSP:

“Duke” – a Stocky, Male Pointer Cross Beagle:

“Nicky” – a Female, Black and White Pointer:

“Bertie” – a Black and White, Male Pointer:

“Murphy” – a Solid, Black Male GSP:

“Amber” – a 7 Month Old, Female GWP:

Please do look out for their ‘Find my Forever Home’ Facebook pages, and help them all in their search for a new home.

During the trip, we met so many kind individuals who despite the odds stacked against them, work tirelessly to help these dogs find their happy ending. We also met all the dogs already in our care and were able to get to know their individual personalities. And, we met some dogs who for reasons unknown, have to date been overlooked in their quest to find their forever homes and we hope that you can all help us to change that.

One such example, who we all fell in love with is James; a ‘gentle giant’, who has been waiting patiently for his forever home for two years now. We are all hoping that this will be ‘his year.’

Lastly, thank you to all of you for your ongoing support – none of it would be possible without you!