Apologies for the slight delay posting this month’s update (bit of a glitch with our website, which was thankfully quickly resolved)… at around the same time that workmen digging the road outside my house decided to dig straight through my mains supply into the house (which frankly, wasn’t so quickly resolved).

Anyway, I am delighted to finally be back up and running and able to give you the monthly summary of what we have been up to during February 2020:

The total number of dogs currently under our care is 28 (to include a pregnant GSP who gave birth to 5 puppies shortly after we agreed to take her).

Mum (Lola):

Mum and Pups:

We have 10 dogs who are reserved and will be travelling to their new homes in the UK during March and the beginning of April. (A total of 18 dogs in total will be travelling on 3 separate flights and those who don’t already have forever homes to look forward to, will be travelling to their UK Foster homes with hopes and dreams of a future forever home to call their own.)

We also had one dog in UK foster who moved to her forever home in February.

We also:

  • Received £3,057.50 from our ‘Unwanted Gift Auction’ fundraiser (thank you to all of our supporters who got involved either through gifting or bidding).
  • Received £400 from Pointerfest as our share of the proceeds that were distributed for good causes.
  • Donated £645 to help 5 Pointers who are in the care of other Cyprus based rescue organisations.
  • Donated a total value of £448 to “Lost Paws Dog Rescue” and “Rehoming Sotira”.
  • Donated 4 x Apollo Fleece Dog Jumpers to Paralimni Pound.
  • Welcomed 134 new members to our 3 Facebook groups (Rehoming Cyprus Pointers, Apollo’s Angels and Apollo’s Angels events and there were a total of 26,100 posts, comments and reactions in those groups.

Our next fundraising event will be the Apollo mega raffle, with dozens of amazing donated prizes up for grabs. More details will be posted shortly, but the raffle will run in aid of our “Apollo’s Angels Big Reunion” which takes place on Saturday, 16 May, 2020 at: Lubcloud Farm, Charley Road, Leicestershire LE12 9YA. More information about the event is available by visiting the event page.

Thank you all for your continued support. Our next summary will (hopefully) be posted on 1st April.