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How long does it take for a dog to travel to the UK?

For adult dogs it normally takes 3-4 weeks depending on flight availability. Puppies cannot travel to the UK until 15 weeks old therefore it can take a few weeks longer before we can bring a puppy to the UK.

How much does it cost to adopt a dog?

Our adoption fees are £895 for all Pups / Dogs

Do dogs have to go into quarantine when they arrive in the UK?

No, the dogs arrive with a pet passport and go to their new home as soon as they arrive in the UK.

Which UK airports do you fly dogs into?

Gatwick, Doncaster, Manchester, Edinburgh and Bristol.

Do you rehome dogs to countries other than the UK?

No we only normally rehome dogs to the UK as we are not able to provide rescue back up in other countries.

Are dogs neutered before they come to the UK?

Yes all adult dogs are neutered prior to travelling to the UK.

What health tests are carried out on the dogs you rehome?

All dogs are given a full blood test, 4 different sets of blood tests and a full blood screen. All dogs over the age of 12 months are given a hip x-ray.

Are the dogs vaccinated and microchipped?

Yes all dogs have both their annual vaccinations, rabies vaccination plus tick, flea and worm treatments. All dogs are also microchipped. The details of all the treatments and dates given are included in the dogs pet passport which is handed to the new family when they collect the dog.

Do you rehome dogs to families with children?

We don’t rehome adult dogs to families with very young children, but occasionally rehome puppies to homes with young children when the children have previously had experience of living with dogs.

Will the dog be housetrained when I collect it?

No the dogs we rehome are not housetrained, however most people find that the dogs they adopt quickly learn to toilet outside.

I’ve adopted a dog from you but my home circumstances have changed and I’m no longer able to keep it, will you find the dog a new home?

Yes we offer full rescue back up for all the dogs we rehome, if things don’t work out for whatever reason and you are no longer able to keep the dog then we will place the dog with another family.

Do you need people to foster dogs for you?

Yes we regularly bring dogs to the UK into foster homes until we can find the dog a permanent home. We are always in need of new foster homes and if you are possibly interested in fostering for us please get in touch and we will send you further details.